Swine Influenza Prevention

Notice the latest development of Swine influenza!!!

Pay attention to the following guidelines…


To protect yourself, practice general preventive measures for influenza:

  • Avoid close contact with people who appear unwell and who have fever and cough.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and thoroughly.
  • Practice good health habits including adequate sleep, eating nutritious food, and keeping physically active.

If there is an ill person at home:

  • Try to provide the ill person a separate section in the house. If this is not possible, keep the patient at least 1 meter in distance from others.
  • Cover mouth and nose when caring for the ill person. Masks can be bought commercially or made using the readily available materials as long as they are disposed of or cleaned properly.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly after each contact with the ill person.
  • Try to improve the air flow in the area where the ill person stays. Use doors and windows to take advantage of breezes.
  • Keep the environment clean with readily available household cleaning agents.

3 Responses to Swine Influenza Prevention

  1. fa_cats says:

    Some model suggested that a TC formation on the end of this week, (21,22 May) in Southern or Central SCS..keep an eyes…

  2. Jams says:

    haha, exactly. 99W is trying to spin up in the SCS.

  3. ayx says:

    swine flu..

    it became a just common influenza now:D

    likely..hong kong have 3000+ people were infected by swine flu..: (

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