The alert status is now YELLOW… There is an elevated risk that Hong Kong will be affected by a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours…

HKO radar shows LINFA weakened rapidly overland

HKO radar shows LINFA weakened rapidly overland

IR 2015-07-09 1101Z (from NOAA)

IR 2015-07-09 1101Z (from NOAA)

Typhoon LINFA (T1510/10W/EgayPH) weakened rapidly after making landfall… The storm is located within 100 km NE of Hong Kong now…

Radar animation showed the eye of LINFA collapsed rapidly overland… Convection weakened significantly at the same time… The initial intensity in this report is decreased to 85 km/h (45 kts) (10-min)…

LINFA will continue to weaken as it travels westward over Guangdong tonight and Friday… It will become a Tropical Depression tomorrow…

The weakening cyclone did not move west-southwest as predicted previously by computer models… It did not lose latitude since this morning… LINFA is forecast to pass north of Hong Kong tonight…  The centre is no longer forecast to pass directly over HK…

Squally showers will affect us tonight… Westerly to northwesterly winds may reach Gale Force occasionally in the next few hours… Wind direction will change to southwesterly… then southeasterly later tonight or in the small hours of Friday… Please take necessary precautions to prevent losses… (corrected 20:00 HKT)


Position: 22.9N 114.6E (80 km NE of HK) based on IR and radar,
Maximum sustained winds: 85 km/h gusting 110 km/h (45G60KT),
Minimum SLP: 985 hPa.

24-HR FORECAST FOR 11:00 UTC / 19:00 HKT:
Position: 21.0N 110.6E (396 km WSW of HK),
Maximum sustained winds: 55 km/h gusting 85 km/h (30G45KT).

The next alert advisory is scheduled for 14:30 UTC / 22:30 HKT or earlier…

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